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Jennifer J Roberts is an award-winning writer, photographer and artist whose work has been recognized by the National City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA) where she was awarded the prestigious “Best Essay” in 2015 for her Boston Magazine feature “One of Us…” about growing up bi-racial in South Boston, “Southie” during and after force school busing.

Jenn was born and raised in Southie and shares her eye for Boston through her lens.  Jenn finds beauty in the industrial backdrop  that was her childhood home and she artfully composed shots of now non-existent buildings and murals which crisply depict the political and social backdrop of the neighborhood.  

Jenn's collection "Southie Was My Hometown" is an especially poignant photo essay on the rapid and drastic changes the neighborhood continues to experience.  Featuring gritty, haunting shots from some of Southie's most notorious housing projects and industrial landmarks, this photo essay is authentically Southie and captures the neighborhood just before its dramatic physical and social metamorphosis.

Jenn was a featured photographer exhibited at the Mayor's Artists in Residence Program, exhibiting work at the "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A South Boston Retrospective" at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. 

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